Welcome to TechnoPark Investment Summit 2014

The Outline of the Nigeria TechnoPark Investment Summit 2014 is summarized as follows; 

  •   To establish an international network to fast track real development of the Niger Delta
  •     Exploration of practical solutions to promote the development of TechnoParks in the region
  •   Provide a forum, an avenue for the exhibition of new technology, products, machinery, innovations in equipment for the production of goods and services 
  •    Provide platform to explore opportunities required for cooperation and promotion of collective efficiency and the state business
  •   Provide support to interact and initiate actions towards the establishment of clusters and networking at the state and global levels
  •    Designed promoters to source foreign and domestic direct investments as well as other inputs for the development of the state
  •   Facilitation of face-to-face contacts, sharing of information and experiences, and the establishment of a cooperative network among technology business incubation centers